Vicky & Jon were set up by a mutual friend who thought they would be perfect together. The friend even made sure they would see more of each other by making them cat sit so they would need to interact. And they were right, Vicky and Jon slowly started spending time together beyond cat sitting and realized how much they like each other. They are passionate about arts and crafts and would keep a sketching journal where they would doodle together. They even endured a long distance relationship between Hong Kong & New York for two years. Eventually they both made Hong Kong their home where they currently live and where Jon proposed to Vicky.

For their wedding they wanted to celebrate with their family and friends where it all started, in the Bay Area and so began the long distance wedding planning. For their engagement they wanted to incorporate their love for doodling and exploring new places with the Wes Anderson vibe. It was a fun way to showcase their love for each other and things they love to do.



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