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Baby Dylan

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Meet baby Dylan he is 11 months old and too cute for words. I just want to squeeze him every time I see him, he is definitely too adorable. With a family wedding last weekend I finally had a chance to take few pics of him on his short trip and I am so glad I did. He lives in LA with his mommy, daddy and three very adorable brothers so I don’t get to see him much but this definitely sweetens my memory of him. My baby girl loves giving Dylan kisses I think she secretly wants to keep him and so do I :) Thank you Cyndi for letting me take pictures of your little cutie he is definitely a heartbreaker

there is the heartbreaker smile :)

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  1. Aww I luv the last one!

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Little Miss Mia is a cute almost 3 year old. Her mommy wanted to get pictures of this cutie while they were out here for a wedding all the way from Texas. Although we didn’t have much success the first time around we did capture some great smiles the second day. With bubbles, balloons and three adoring cousins to make you laugh what girl won’t smile, even I was laughing, maybe it was my inner 2 yr old that wanted to come out and play ;) Thank you Lien for letting me capture moments of your beautiful daughter’s life and thank you Mia for letting me capture your giggles, smiles and just you. Hope you guys had as much fun as I did.
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  1. omg these picture are priceless!!! i love them all!!! i cant wait to see the rest!

  2. Love all the pictures Indu that you have taken. But my most favorite one is the mommy and daughter bonding. That really touched my heart to be a mommy to your own kids.

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