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I had the pleasure of documenting Baby Suhani’s newborn pics few months ago. She was a such a good sleeper and just too adorable. Here are few of my favorites from her session.

001Newborn-Photography-Indu-Huynh-Photography 002Newborn-Photography-Indu-Huynh-Photography 003Newborn-Photography-Indu-Huynh-Photography 004Newborn-Photography-Indu-Huynh-Photography 006Newborn-Photography-Indu-Huynh-Photography 005Newborn-Photography-Indu-Huynh-Photography 007Newborn-Photography-Indu-Huynh-Photography 008Newborn-Photography-Indu-Huynh-Photography




  1. Indu, congratulations on doing photography full time. you will be missed at stryker. look forward to seeing more of your work! best wishes.

  2. […] photographing Baby Suhani as a newborn to now at 8 months old, it is such a pleasure documenting her from fresh, sleepy, cuddly newborns […]

  3. […] Shroff family whom I have photographed several times starting with baby Ananya’s big sister Suhani. I loved catching up with the lovely family and capturing their sweet and precious new baby girl. […]

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I met Lauren when I first started doing photography. We had a great time doing a walk around shoot all over town.. it was definitely somewhat ghetto fabulous (me being “ghetto” and her being “fabulous”) but it was definitely a lot of fun and a great session. Fast forward to now and Lauren is now a graduating senior on her way to college. When she contacted me asking if I can do her Prom pictures I was so excited, I never attended my prom but I loved all the fun, the glamour, the fashion that Prom is all about. Lauren wanted her Prom pictures to be romantic and she wanted to capture this special time in her life with her amazing boyfriend Joseph… who is by the way total model material. In case you didn’t know or couldn’t tell Lauren is a model and she is such beautiful person inside and out. These two were so much fun to photograph and I think it’s pretty evident they had fun too. Lauren wore a gorgeous gray Anthropologie dress with nude, peep-toe pumps from Michael Kors for her Prom and I absolutely loved her look. On to the pictures :)


004Lauren&Joseph-Prom 008Lauren&Joseph-Prom

010Lauren&Joseph-Prom 013Lauren&Joseph-Prom 017Lauren&Joseph-Prom 021Lauren&Joseph-Prom 023Lauren&Joseph-Prom

024Lauren&Joseph-Prom 028Lauren&Joseph-Prom 030Lauren&Joseph-Prom 033Lauren&Joseph-Prom 035Lauren&Joseph-Prom

040Lauren&Joseph-Prom 042Lauren&Joseph-Prom 045Lauren&Joseph-Prom 047Lauren&Joseph-Prom 048Lauren&Joseph-Prom



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