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When Laura signed up for a profile on she wasn’t expecting to be matched with Peter in less than 12 hrs. It was literally fate that brought them together as Peter was Laura’s only online date. They started talking and after a week of online dating they went out on their first date and the rest was history. Laura was relieved to have met Peter as online dating can be a bit scary, but Peter was truly a midwest gentleman and made Laura feel very comfortable. Peter found Laura to be beautiful, smart and overall incredible. When he took her to meet his parents for Christmas, she fit right in there and it reconfirmed to Peter that Laura was the one. Peter planned a beautiful and intimate proposal on their hike to Big Sur and it was a magical moment for Laura. They are truly each others comfort and they just love being in the moment and not take things too seriously.

We photographed their engagement in downtown San Jose with beautiful urban buildings and in between alleyways. I loved capturing their personality, their love and their playful side. Here are few of my favorites from their session.

001lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 002lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 003lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 004lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 005lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 006lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 007lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 008lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 009lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 010lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 011lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 012lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 013lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 014lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography 015lp-san-jose-engagement-session-indu-huynh-photography

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  1. Great pictures by a wonderfully professional and detailed photographer. We couldn’t be happier with the way you’ve captured our love.

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Christine  and Kevin met through mutual friends in DC. They started as being friends, but slowly realized that their was more there than just friendship. So they decided to move forward with those feelings and started dating. Right after they began their relationship Kevin got a job in California and their relationship suddenly became a long distance relationship, but it just only grew their feelings for each other stronger and they knew that they can’t be without each other. Eventually Christine joined Kevin in California and they were inseparable and started making a home for themselves in San Francisco. It was only a matter of time before Kevin proposed to Christine and he gave her this lifelong promise on her birthday at their favorite restaurant.

Christine and Kevin went from long distance relationship to now planning a long distance wedding, as they plan on tying the knot next year in DC with their family and friends present and taking it back to where it all started. They however, wanted to do their engagement session in SF and commemorate a piece of this new city they call home. San Francisco weather can definitely be unpredictable, foggy and cold during summer and sunny in winter, so it was definitely meant to be when we were greeted with sunshine and clear skies in October. It made for fun, warm and a very romantic shoot and I am grateful that Christine and Kevin trusted me to capture some special memories for them. Here are few of my favorites from their engagement session.

001ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 002ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 003ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 004ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 005ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 006ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 007ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 008ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 009ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 010ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 011ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 012ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 013ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography 014ck-san-francisco-engagement-indu-huynh-photography



  1. These are so beautiful! Very expressive. Lots of love

  2. Loved the pictures. My son and Christine make a beautiful couple. I couldn’t be happier that Christine will become a part of our family.

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