Baby Ari, 16 days old, already so curious and alert and lets not forget so soft, fresh and adorably cute! I loved capturing some sweet newborn moments between the new parents and their pride and joy and as always it brings me so much joy and pleasure. They are not little forever and these moments, in the midst of no sleep and tiredness, seem like longer and never-ending but they are truly fleeting. Pelin & Rinku were amazing and just full of smiles and immense love for not only one another, but for also their sweet new baby boy. Here are few of my favorites from their session.

003baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography001baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 002baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 004baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 005baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 006baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 007baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 008baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 009baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 010baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 011baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 012baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 013baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 014baby-ari-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography




  1. So precious! Beautiful job Indu!

  2. You captured our feelings so eloquently, Indu! Thank you for your patience that day! We will always cherish these memories with warmth in our hearts ?.

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