I love photographing newborns, they are so soft, cuddly, fresh and oh so cute! Baby Malcolm is a sweet and precious new addition to the Nguyen-Yap family and he was simply adorable. He loved being snuggled by mom and dad and he loved breaking free from his swaddle. I had so much fun capturing these sweet newborn moments for the Nguyen-Yap family and getting to know them. Here are few of my favorites from their session.

001baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 002baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 003baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 004baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 005baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 006baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 007baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 008baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 009baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 010baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 011baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 012baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 013baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography 014baby-malcolm-newborn-session-indu-huynh-photography



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