We as moms have somewhat become the family historian. We are constantly capturing moments of our children’s lives with daily activity to special moments with loved ones. It brings us so much joy as we look back at those memories and reminisce about that particular moment. But one thing that has slowly become an unfortunate trend is mom missing from those photos. I started a motherhood series where moms are put in front of the camera to really capture who they are as an individual, as a mom, so there children could look back at photos of their mom too. These are not your typical portrait sessions, these are “moments with mom”. Outside of the daily struggle of motherhood, these portrait series reflect on mamas and their love for their babies, their struggle to survive in motherhood mode all the while enjoying and being present. I hope to inspire moms to be in front of the camera and let go of that idea of a perfect family picture, but instead focus on being present in the moment enjoying their kids and their childhood  This session is about gaining a beautiful perspective that you MOM are doing an amazing job.

This is Meghan, mom to two beautiful kiddos, Lucas and Claire. Here is a sweet note she wrote to her kids.

“My beautiful babies! You two are the light of my life, and my motivation in everything. I have so many hopes and dreams for you two. I hope that you are able to be resilient in a world that can sometimes break you. I hope that you’re able to find beauty in everything and I hope that you are able to be a beacon to others. I pray that you find all the happiness that you deserve and that you aren’t afraid to follow your heart in all that you do! I hope to be a mother that makes you feel loved, encouraged and supported in all of your endeavors. I love you both with all my heart!” – Meghan

Film Scans by The Find Lab

Want to book your own motherhood session? Then email me at indu@induhuynh.com and lets get you in front of that camera capturing you and your motherhood journey.

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  1. Oh my goodness! So beautifully captured. I love everything about this and it’s so true…us Mom’s are always behind the camera. If we do get in the picture, it’s usually an awkward selfie..lol

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