Roshni & Karl met while they were sophomores in college at UCLA in 2007. They were neighbors in the dorms and had mutual friends who introduced Karl to Roshni as they thought she might be someone he would like to get to know. They quickly became good friends and over the course of college became best friends. Once they graduated they went separate ways, Roshni back to NorCal and Karl in SoCal. They continued to stay in touch and Roshni quickly realized that Karl might be more than just a best friend as she was starting to fall for him. They eventually started dating in 2012 when Karl left for the midwest for business school. Just when they thought after 2 years of long distance was over, Roshni ended up leaving for grad school in midwest and their long distance relationship continued but finally after 4 years of long distance they found themselves together living in the same city.

Karl says there is a theme to their relationship, one where he tries to surprise Roshni and something always happens where his plan will somehow fail or backfire. Their proposal story was no different. Karl spent months planning out his perfect proposal for Roshni. He went and scouted the location in Marin Headlands, overlooking the views with amazing sunset, and because he thought Roshni might be on to him he told her that they are helping a friend propose to his girlfriend. So Roshni was aware of the plan, but just didn’t know that it was all for her. But even after all that planning on the day of the proposal it turned into a cloudy/foggy day blanketing out any of the gorgeous views Karl had seen the day before. Nonetheless Karl was determined to move forward with the set plan, but Roshni on the other hand thought it was best for his friend to call off the proposal plan for that day due to severe fog. When she got there they started talking, making jokes, all the while setting the stage for his friend to propose only to have Karl get down on one knee and propose as their friends recorded their sweet proposal. Even though the fog threatened to ruin their moment Karl made sure to make her forget about the fog and continued to surprise her by recreating one of their original dates and making this a moment she will forever remember and cherish. The next day Roshni, happy and elated to be engaged, found another surprise planned by Karl which was their family and friends visiting from all over the place to come celebrate their engagement. This definitely shocked Roshni and moved her to tears as she was so happy to not only be engaged to her best friend, but also have all of her family and friends there to celebrate with them.

By now you know about their theme and for their engagement session we hit a few weather related bumps too with the on and off rain forecast. But in true Roshni and Karl fashion everything worked out and we captured them and their love with the amazing San Francisco as the backdrop, a place that is very special to them. Here are few of my favorites from their engagement session.

Film Scans by The Find Lab



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