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I love capturing proposal shoots and the sheer joy I get to witness and capture for the couple to relive and enjoy makes it that much more sweeter. Jason planned to propose to his girlfriend, Michelle, at one of her favorite stores Petite Petal Co. in Campbell. If you haven’t checked out this beautiful floral store then you must stop by and check out for yourself and see why Michelle loves this place. They were regulars at this beautiful store and because Michelle loved this place so much, Jason knew it would be the perfect backdrop for his proposal. He  had everything in place along with a gorgeous floral arrangement with their little sea otter baby asking the ever so important question. You can see the excitement, joy and happiness on Michelle’s face when she realized what was happening. She, of course, said YES and after getting acquainted with her beautiful ring we took some portraits to commemorate their special day. Here are few of my favorites from their proposal session.

Beautiful Calligraphy by Chloe from Boxwood Avenue

001M&J-Proposal-Indu-Huynh-Photography 002M&J-Proposal-Indu-Huynh-Photography 003M&J-Proposal-Indu-Huynh-Photography 004M&J-Proposal-Indu-Huynh-Photography 005M&J-Proposal-Indu-Huynh-Photography 006M&J-Proposal-Indu-Huynh-Photography 007M&J-Proposal-Indu-Huynh-Photography 008M&J-Proposal-Indu-Huynh-Photography 009M&J-Proposal-Indu-Huynh-Photography 010M&J-Proposal-Indu-Huynh-Photography 011M&J-Proposal-Indu-Huynh-Photography




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Shooting in the city is always different and you never know what you will get. Allie and Justin have a special place in their heart for San Francisco and wanted to embrace it and make it a part of their engagement session. From the iconic columns at the Legion of Honor to the windy Sutro Bath this engagement session was definitely cool and one to remember. Check out few of my favorites from their session.

001A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 002A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 003A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 004A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 005A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 006A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 007A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 008A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 009A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 010A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 011A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 012A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 013A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 014A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 015A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 016A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 017A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 018A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 019A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 020A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG 021A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG022A&J-Engagement-IHP-BLOG



  1. Thank you so much Indu for these beautiful photos and being patient with Justin and myself as we fought the cold and wind! You and your partner in crime were wonderful at guiding us and helping us through the shoot despite the elements!


  2. The pictures are beautiful! ? both look so cute in the pictures! Cannot wait for the wedding pictures.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. They are a lovely couple.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Love is in your eyes!!

  6. Beautiful pictures.

    Thanks for sharing.

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