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I love it when my wedding couples contact me to capture their growing family. It is such an honor to be part of my couples amazing milestones in life. Clari and Ashvin welcomed their first baby boy last year in October and I recently got a chance to capture this handsome and ever so sweet baby Samuel few weeks ago. He is already so full of personality and would you believe it if I said he was so excited for his photoshoot that he decided to forgo his nap completely? Nevertheless, he was still happy, playful and ever so cute and alert during his shoot. I can’t wait to watch this little one grow. Here are some of my favorites from his shoot.

001Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 002Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 003Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 004Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 005Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 006Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 007Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 008Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 009Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 010Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 011Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 012Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 013Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography 014Soin-Family-Indu-Huynh-Photography



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