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Erin and Robert are both strong and kind individuals. They have a great sense of humor and make time to enjoy life with their three four-legged friends. They enjoy the outdoors and love the game of Soccer and with the recent win for Germany at the World Cup, Robert is part German, it was a no brainer to include a little friendly game and their love for soccer in their engagement session. The day was perfect to be outdoors, or at least it started that way as the weather turned more humid, but they were such good sports and enjoyed walking around in the park and made the best of the heat. I had a great time getting to know them during the session and I can’t wait to capture their beautiful wedding later this year. Here are few of my favorites from their engagement session.

001E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 002E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 003E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 004E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 005E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 006E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 007E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 008E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 009E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 010E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 011E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 012E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 013E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 014E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography 015E&R-Engagement-Indu-Huynh-Photography



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Little baby boy, 12 days old and already stealing hearts,

Little baby boy, smiling at the sound of his mother’s laugh,

Little baby boy, dreaming sweet dreams like all little ones do,

Little baby boy, daddy’s new champ and his new love too :)


Baby Tanner inspired me to write this short little rhyme on how adorable and new he is. His sweet smile, and tiny little stretches can warm up anyones heart and I am so glad I got a chance to capture this little dreamer. Here are few of my favorites from this session :)

001Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 002Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 003Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 004Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 005Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 006Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 007Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 008Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 009Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 010Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 011Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 012Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 013Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 014Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 015Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography 016Baby-Tanner-Newborn-Indu-Huynh-Photography



  1. Thanks for capturing those moments. I’m so glad David put me in contact with you. I can’t wait for future events where we can have you be part of it.

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