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It’s been 5 years, 5 very long years ( I am pretty sure that’s how he feels). In these past 5 years we have struggled through what every married couple struggles through. To this day I don’t understand why he wants to be Mr. organized when he can’t find anything after and while I might be a hot mess and hoard practically everything I see, but can find anything and give those search dogs and their detecting nose a run for their money or join forces with them, whichever is easier :) But these 5 years have been an adventure and I look forward to many more years with the love of my life. 
I wanted to take this moment to be a little sappy and thank my incredible husband for making me high maintenance (yep, I blame him because he spoils me and I love him for that), for giving me the best thing in my life (after him of course) my love, my other best friend, my baby Kenzie. And last but definitely not the least for being my anchor, my sound-board, my support, my love. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. For our anniversary we took a mini excursion to San Francisco to explore basically the goodness that I am lucky to call my backyard (almost!!!) It only seemed appropriate to celebrate it in the city since we had our first date in the city. Here’s to living, loving and laughing through life’s many given moments with my Best Friend.

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  1. i loved this post ~ ;)

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