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Missing summer days

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As I went through my closet digging for my thickest, comfiest jacket, I just couldn’t help but be a little excited and sad at the same time. Winter is my weather, my comfort, my love. It means I get to snuggle up next to the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa, watching hours of mindless television on the couch all snuggled up and cozy. Ok, at least that visual exists in my head. In reality it means I get a small thin blanket, which I have to share with my husband and daughter on a couch, as we argue about what show to watch and worse they have cold feet… ekkkk!!!! But I still love the idea of winter :)

Summer on the other hand, makes me all hot and bothered and although I am not a true california girl :( I love and appreciate summer and right when I come to accept summer for what it is, it decides to change on me. I am at this neither here nor there stage with weather right now. But I miss summer because my baby loves beach, for she is the true California girl and she makes summer just as sweet and cozy  as that blanket wrapped, snuggled up idea of winter. Here is a picture of my baby enjoying her summer days.



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